How To Import Contacts, Companies or Deals

The Import Feature, allows you to import bulk list of contacts information, Companies, or Deals, using a simple easy to use templates and process.

  • From the “Sales” Section, head to navigation bar on the right side and select the <Import> Tab.

  • Select the desire Import section (contact, Company, deals) for the example we will use the Contacts Import section.
  • Select and download/open  the template.

  • Open the list file you desire to import make sure it is a CSV File.
  • and start cutting and pasting the field into the template.
  • After you finish inputing/pasting all the desired fields you want to import.
  • Save the file (make sure is a CSV file).   Click at <Choose File> and select the file from the  directory were the file was saved.

  • Click at <Import> . You will received a message that the file has been 100% imported and an email notification.
  • File Import may take seconds or minutes depending on the file size.


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